STANLEY® FATMAX™ Flared Insulated

STANLEY® FATMAX™ Flared Insulated

Product Overview

Developed and manufactured to exact specifications at the STANLEY® production facility at Arbois, France, the STANLEY®FATMAX® Insulated Slotted 2.5mm x 50mm Screwdriver is part of the company’s high-performance professional VDE-certified screwdriver line-up, featuring a heavily insulated construction designed specifically for service work around high voltage applications. The STANLEY® FATMAX® Insulated Slotted 2.5mm x 50mm Screwdriver is approved by the VDE Institute for use in applications up to 1,000V. Constructed from heavy-duty carbon silicon steel for added strength, performance and extensive product life, this robust and reliable electrician’s tool delivers +100% longer tip life*. The tip has been hardened, sand-blasted and treated with a black phosphate coating. It has also been precision-machined for a highly accurate head-to-fastener fit.

Additional Features

SKU Product Name Number of Pieces Blade Length Screwdriver Head Type Purchase
0-65-410 STANLEY® FATMAX™ Flared Insulated
0-65-411 STANLEY® FATMAX® Insulated Slotted 3.5mm x 75mm Screwdriver 6 Slotted
0-65-413 STANLEY® FATMAX® Insulated Slotted 5.5mm x 150mm Screwdriver 6 Slotted
0-65-412 STANLEY® FATMAX® Insulated Slotted 4mm x 100mm Screwdriver 6 Slotted



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